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Monday, February 15, 2010

Valentines Day and 130 degree weather

OMG! Today is Valentine's Day! I didn't even know... Lol! Sister Leavitt gave us candy and I didn't even realize what it was for... LOL! Health is good. Elder Holland isn't coming to Togo. Haven't tried the Debit card, but someone did steal 30000 francs (about $64 USD) from me so I'll be trying it soon... I can't really think of anything honestly... It's me that wants to send stuff home... President was in the hospital cause he overworked himself... And no. Hasn't cooled down.

We got a thermometer and it is 100 degrees at 9 in the morning with a high of 130 in the afternoon. It actually rained a couple of days ago and it was 80 degrees during the rain storm at night and we were freezing... Then I remembered that I'll be coming home in the dead of winter while here in February is the dead of Summer... Ya. I'm dead... I loved your story about your hair! I would've loved to see that! I laughed pretty hard and a couple guys in the cyber thought I was laughing at them... lol!

I don't really have much to say this week. I didn't keep up on my stories very well... We played soccer today. Went to the market... So I went to go buy a couple little trinkets for the boys and we went to this little shop on the side of the road.... This reminds me a little about Dad's vegetable story... but I was there and it was Halterman, Carver, Kakou, Bobi and Aissigba, and me. The white guys were buying then I hear Kakou say, He's selling the Priesthood! Ad they started laughing... So I said what? I looked up.. .This man had wood carved "Priesthoods" and one that was in brass and a bottle opener... (Think about something that Men only have... That's the "Priesthood") That was fun...

Also Just a little update on the work. For the last two months, we've been contacting roughly 65 new investigators by week.. It's really fun cause you meet all the Jehovah's Witnesses and Catholics and random African Cults. The cults are the most fun. Most of the time we don't teach. We listen to what they want to preach to us about... One guy had a ton of candles in his house on a raised platform with a little stained glass window in his roof and said Jesus comes down every suday to teach them... Ya... Just one of the crazies. Another said he had a dream about Jesus on a bicycle and showed him the true church, which is called "God, The Dove, and THEN the Truth." I'm telling ya. This isn't Washington...

I finished Jesus the Christ and taken a large interest in the bible accompanied with the Book of Mormon. I haven't really kept you updated on my studies... I've taken a HUGE interest in religion and I'm curious about all other religions. How they were founded, what they study. It's jut interesting. Like the JW's think that Jesus was hung on a Post and the Branhamist's think that William is Jesus and the Celestial Christians think that the Holy Ghost was manifested in the human body and so they don't wear shoes... It's just so intriguing... Can't really explain. I'm just happy I have the truth and it's just so clear. Not all this whack superstition... Lol!

Well I gotta go. I love you all! HAPPY (Unknown) VALENTINE'S DAY!

Elder Halvorsen

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