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Monday, April 26, 2010

Children can make the best teachers!!

Wow. That's one killer trip! That's sounds like it was a lot of fun! I think the pro-biotics were good, but don't send them again. I think they worked too well and I started getting fat. I haven't gotten the package. Mother's day is a sunday, so if you call at 8 our time, we'll be able to talk and then I can go right to sleep after. You can shoot me a quick call anytime in the week to test it. Ya my health is great. There's no problem. Your guy's vacation sounds like it was a blast! This week will be filled with crazy events to come too! Jon will be home this week... It's my nine months left mark this wednesday! That's the 28th right? And then next week I get a call and then my birthday and then a baptism! May is gonna fly by.

Well for this week there wasn't anything really that I noted. We had one baptism. It was the only baptism for us for the month. We'll do well in May. It's getting hotter. Even Elder Kakou says it's really hot in this country. He sweats more than me. Lol! I'm playing the piano for the Primary. (One finger! Oh ya.) They're singing God So Loved the World that He Sent His Only Forgotten Son. (I forgot the title). This week went by really fast...

For the song there is this little girl that is doing a solo and she kept messing up. She came around the chalkboard (because I was behind it on the piano) and she asked me, "Elder Halvorsen, can you help me with this part?" I said Sure! So I sung with her and she was so happy after! But it wasn't till later that I came to this conclusion. Jesus asked us to be more like unto Children. When we think of that we think normally that we need to be more caring, cheerful and loving. What really sturck me is that children still need help and they're not afraid to ask for this help and they're SO thankful after! I realized that we need to always ask for help from our Heavenly Father and also to ask those that love us. Not only need we ask, but to be honestly thankful for what they have helped us do. Just a little something that I learned through this little girl, Victoire.

Well that's really it. Sorry! It went by just so fast! I love you all!

Elder Halvorsen

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