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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Easter and rat

Health is great. I'm a little burned, but that's not new. I'm glad that you liked my email. It's crazy everything that you see change in you after a mission. I really have been strengthened through all the things I have seen. I'm super stoked for Blake to get going also! That's so exciting! I remember when I was doing the same thing! It doesn't seem that long ago. I didn't celebrate Easter... Lol! They drink and throw HUGE parties here for Easter. It's ridiculous. I can't believe how little time rests too.

Pres. Dieudonné really is an incredible man. He's so wonderful. Seeing his children there with him too was hard... I don't want to go through that at a young age like that... One of their daughters has only 14 years... That's gotta be so hard. I still haven't seen the conference... We'll probably get it in a couple weeks... Lol! So Literally I have two that are left. I think I remember Don... I think... I want to be with Dad on that trip. Lol! That sounds like a lot of fun. Don't worry too much about the cards for Kakou. If you guys have the way to do it, but it's not an urgence.

Well I'll fill you guys in on this VERY interesting food filled week.

First two crazy things. We just baptized one guy called Gaëtan. He's an interesting guy. He had never been with us teaching before but we decided to take him with us. He bore an AMAZING testimony. He said that it was weird. He was thinking about not coming to church again (being before his baptism and the day before Sunday) and we just decided to pass his house. He said that what we said really touched him and it was just the perfect timing. So he came to church and took the sacrament. He said it was weird cause he had an overwhelming experience of how the atonement of the Christ has blessed his life. He said he looked at his Dad each Sunday who was always ready to go by eight and he never understood why he went to church every week. Now he understood. It was just great.

One problem. The old man, Paul, that we baptized was removed from his house. We already found a spot to sleep and maybe a job, but he had ALL his stuff in front of the church and when we told him he couldn't sleep there he just said, no big deal. I'll guard my stuff for tonight and deal with it in the morning. He's a trooper. And at 62 years old. He's great.

Some little fun facts. First, every night when we're walking on the sidewalk, there's blocks with little holes in them. At night there are TONS of coakroaches that crawl around them. I'm always scared to walk on them cause I don't want one to crawl up my leg. Also They like to crawl up our shower drain pipe...

There was a guy welding last week and he was stading on a chair. Next thing we saw was that his chair was on fir. We thought maybe he's using the fire to weld... At that instant he looks down and screamed and jumped off. Lol! It was pretty funny.

there's also these ladies that walk around all day and sell stuff. They sell food and sandwiches and the like. They carry these big baskets on their heads. But there's one thing they do that is kind of annoying. They SCREAM what they're selling in Evé. I'll have to imitate it for you guys at home. Wow. It's ridiculous how loud they can scream too. Lol

And here's the food stories. These are ALWAYS fun. So Africans do not like chinese food. I FINALLY got them all to eat noodles with grilled shrimp in rice paper. Two liked it kinda... Kakou didn't. BUT I got pictures of them all eating it. BWAHAHAHA! And this is what they made me eat. First we had a delicious something that I refused to eat and gave mine to Kakou. Pig Hoof. Apparently it's edible. The second thing was this animal that they call Agouti. I don't think that's a french name... To me it looked like some type of Gopher... That actually tasted good. They said it's the biggest scurvenger? (Is that a word?) scrap feeder, like a rat or mouse. It tasted pretty good actually. Kakou ate it's head.

Well that's all for me this week. I love you all! missed Dad this week! Hope he gets home safe!

Elder Halvorsen

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