(French for: "This is Africa") A common term used by the missionaries when they want to express "thats just the way it is because "THIS IS AFRICA"! ie..."the power went out..AGAIN... C'est Afrique...or sometimes denoted as TIA...This Is Africa!!)) Elder Halvorsen has been serving a full time mission since January of 2009 in the Ivory Coast, Abidjan West Africa Mission. This mission encompasses the countries of Benin, Togo and Ivory Coast. He loves it there and is enjoying his experiences serving the Lord and the people of West Africa!!

Monday, April 19, 2010

Get your frog legs here!!

I read Dad's and Mom's email. It only LOOKS like I'm getting skinny in my face. I think it's just the sun cause I have a little gut that I just can't get rid of and it's driving me nuts.

Health is great. About those Bio bead thingies... Yeah... I finished those a week ago. I've been taking one a day since January. They're finished. Lol! Elder Leavitt I believe got a blessing. I think he's got a replaced part in his knee or an artificial one and when he was knocked to the ground it messed it up a little. He caught malaria but that was already taken care of.

Elder and Sister Herr? I didn't know their names. I heard that they'll be here in May. Wow my Birthday is close. BIZARRE! I hope your trip was good too! I think I'm gonna stick to the cold vacations for a couple years. I've had enough sun... : ) That's cool that Blake and Kameron will be taking off about the same time. He's almost twenty! I wish he would've done that sooner. I wanna see the kid again. Dang it. Oh well. C'est la vie.

Well there's just a couple things tonight. First off a shocker to me too. So I told you about the squirrel and the snails. The squirrel was good but I guess the Ivoiriens told me that it wasn't a good snail and I'd have to agree. It tasted just like dirt. I liked the texture though. Now the surprise! Apparently they bought FROG LEGS behind my back. It's the body without the head and front legs. Another Surprise. I'M ADDICTED TO FROG LEGS! They seriously are so good! The deer was really good too. I'll have to buy all this weird stuff for you guys and have you try it out. (yipee...)

We went to visit a woman that wants to get baptized. She wanted us to meet her Husband cause she can't get baptized if she's not married. So we went over and she invited him out. We started talking and the way he was talking French I noticed that he was from Benin. So we talked a little bit about the church and asked if he had any questions. He told us no but that he was from the church N'kanka. I have never ever heard of a church like that and I've never seen a sign saying that name... So he kept talking about himself and how he talks to Moses. Then he said that he communicates with the Chinese and Japanese through his spirit and that God speaks to him and what God says he will do, happens.... You meet all kinds of people on the mission...

And then again this last Sunday. They just started to pass the sacrament. There was this man wearing a black shirt with jeans, a big backpack and holding a bowl of beans I think... He came in and started chanting some weird thing... I told Bro. Ayih that he's got to get him out. He's got problems. He said no. he'll leave. So the guy starts walking toward us and he comes to this little plant that is in the courtyard. He starts hitting it and chanting louder. Then he went from plant to plant hitting it and chanting. So I told Ayih again, You gotta get him out. So He takes him by the hand and took him outside. Ayih came back in the the guy followed. So I got up and said My friend! Let's talk outside real quick. So I gave him 250 francs (50 cents) and told him to go buy something to eat down the road. He told me that he was Buddhist. I said I believe you. And he said ya! My sister is stronger than me! She's a powerful buddhist! He didn't hear anything I said. I just said No I believe you! So You take that money and go that way okay? And he just started busting up laughing and said okay. And off he went. Just a lot of interesting things and interesting people...

Well I gotta go. It's really hot in this cyber. I love you all very much!

Elder Halvorsen

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