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Sunday, May 30, 2010

Cam's 7'3" Baptizee

Got my package! SOCKS! YES! And deoderant! So thankful for everything that's there. That shirt is so white... I put it next to my shirts now and you think they're ten years old at least.... Lol! One baptism. Explain that later. Feelings later. New comp is good. He's calm. A big change from Kakou. I've noticed a big change in my enegy level now, cause I literally had to work my butt off to make our relationship work and now it's not as hard. Kinda happy. : ) They don't really do enrichment night... I don't think... I don't really know... Blake told me about the job! Sounds cool! Gettin' money. Lol!

Well I'll talk a little about this week.I loved the package! I saw the photos of the bros and DANG they're in shape! I'm getting fat again so these pictures give me a little umph to change that. Lol! The Tracy girls got super cute! Sucks for the boys! Haha! Especially Katie and Emily. Wow... I didn't even recognize them. I remember them as super tiny... Lol! That's crazy.

So Dad's face thing was more serious than I thought... It was kinda creepy to see the picture you took with Aunt Virginia...feel really bad about that... I hope it's gotten a lot better. Love the Iron man foot thingies! Haven't yet put them in. Will soon. And the SOCKS! YES!

Well real quick, we got stuck in a huge rainstorm that came in about... 5 seconds. That was fun. We found a little store with a overhang thing. We ran to that and the mama that sells there was definitely old and.... Topless.... We just ignored here and looked at the rain... Lol! It's always awkard to see that. We pass a mama each days that says hi to us...

We get ding dong ditched every day by these kids that live next to us... Can't say much more than that... Lol! When it starts to rain like that (see story before the last) all the kids strip naked and run out in the streets to shower... All of a sudden there are tons of little naked black bodies...

We went to the port today to see it's. It's a ton of mud and cars and random things they sell. Cars are SO CHEAP here. Think of a 2005 Dodge at 15000 at home. You'll pay 5000 here. Wow... Also went to the big market to see how it is and to get some ties and stuff.

Well the baptism. We baptised one person. He is 7 foot 3. He's HUGE! I baptized him on his knees actually... Lol! And I STILL bumped his head againt the back of the font...

With the feelings, I don't really have time, but I was reading in Alma, I believe 30 about Coriantum or Corihor that asks Alma for a sign to prove there is a God. He's stricken dumb and then the priest writes in the dirt, "You asked for a sign and Alma gave one. Now do you believe there's a God?" Alma is just so cool. Lol!

Love you and miss you!

Elder Halvorsen

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