(French for: "This is Africa") A common term used by the missionaries when they want to express "thats just the way it is because "THIS IS AFRICA"! ie..."the power went out..AGAIN... C'est Afrique...or sometimes denoted as TIA...This Is Africa!!)) Elder Halvorsen has been serving a full time mission since January of 2009 in the Ivory Coast, Abidjan West Africa Mission. This mission encompasses the countries of Benin, Togo and Ivory Coast. He loves it there and is enjoying his experiences serving the Lord and the people of West Africa!!

Monday, June 21, 2010


YOU'RE GOING TO LOVE ME! PICTURES! I bought a little SD card reader thing for 16 bucks. (Cheapest best one I could find. I don't want something that'll break after 2 tries...)

OMG! Those were THE FUNNIEST stories I have ever heard in my life! Blake and the car. LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL! My companion is seriously telling me to stop laughing cause he's a little embarrassed. Lol! Man. That was funny. Happy Father's day! Not gonna lie, I forgot AND I didn't know what day it was... They don't have that in Africa. Only for the Mom's.

President just wants the Ivoiriens to have a chance to do more things. Work is hard to get here. I don't have Herr'sx email. Gari is a type of manyok and manyok is cassava. It's manyok in French i think...

The Garden of Eden is something really interesting actually. It's very hard to make people understand that Adam and Eve didn't SIN, they transgressed a law. BUT to learn between good and evil, they had to receive the consequences for doing against God's commandments. When we take 2 Nephi 2; 22-23 We read that all things would have stayed EXACTLY the same if they didn't eat of the fruit, that they couldn't have children, and life would never of started. But we have the reassurance in 24 and 25 that God knows all and we're happy because of what Adam and Eve did. IN FACT God himself declared that Man had become like God in Genesis 3 (22 I think) and said to block the way to the Tree of Life so that Adam and Eve wouldn't live forever in the transgression that had come to pass. There's a lot of interesting things that we can learn from Adam and Eve. We learn that marriage is something that is very important. Man is for the Woman and Woman for the Man. We learn that even though we transgress the laws of God, he will forgive us. We learn God is a God of righteous but also forgiving for the wrongs that we do. We read in the Pearl of Great Price (forgot the book and chapter.. Should start bringing my scriptures to the cyber...) but Adam was really afraid God hadn't forgiven him. The Lord saw that immediately EVEN when he asked another question, a little like how he did with Nicodemus. Well I think that's good... We'll talk when I get home. Lol!

Well i forgot my planner at home and I know that I had some funny stories, but I'll just explain a couple photos instead. I took a picture of the water rat that we bought.
You'll love that.
A picture of a Bou bou with hat.

I put up the recent baptisms.
Missed one that we did yesterday...

IT POURED YESTERDAY! We wore rubber flip flops ALL DAY! We walked in water all day and got drenched by rain... Baptised in the rain. That was cool.

The attendance at church is normally 140-150 but it was.... 22 yesterday. At the beginning I was worried that it would be just the missionaries and the bishopric and the 2 people we baptised. (one on satruday, one on sunday.) It was a really fun day though.

I got a little beat up at football today. A kid rammed his knee right below mine. It's nice and swollen but all is well. I hate forgetting my planner... I wrote other things too.

OH! Okay. So the Herr's gave us all fire alarms. Guess what? African's have never seen a fire alarm. I put in the batteries. First mistake. I pressed the test button. Second and worse mistake. I have been woken up by a fire alarm placed next to my bed, I have received several migrains thanks to the fire alarm going off while I'm eating, and other random "testings" that happen throughout the day thanks to giddy happiness that is found in the push of a button. It's fun in a circle thing! Lol!

Well the pictures are still downloading so now I'm just killing time... I think that next time I wont send 21. Just 1 to 5 of randomness. I got dad a present too! Still workin on mom's... Maybe I'll get that in the next transfer. And yes boys. I have stuff for you too. Stuff for the whole family actually. Just little cool things and stuff. Well, I hope you guys think they're cool.

Well this letter is gigantic... I think I'll just let the thing download the pictures now... I gotta pay more time though... Ca va aller [gonna go].

Well I love you guys and miss you a lot!

Elder Halvorsen

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