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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Soccor week in Togo...ugghh

DANG! I forgot to tell Blake happy birthday in my letter to him! HAPPY BIRTHDAY BRO!

Ya. I flippin heard America lost against Ghana. It has been heck for me the last week. I'll fill you in on that. That was a house that he lives in [referring to a picture that he sent with a family sitting in front of a crude shack]. There are a lot of things like that. I actually love his property. It's really calm and on the beach. They were dirt bike riding behind his house, (white people here for some world tour thing) and I really wanted to go watch... they were riding behind a dune... I couldn't see.

I left my suit in Abidjan and I don't know if it's molded or eaten or whatever... It's Africa. I have an extra now just in case. It was 50 bucks.

Companion is great. Health is great. Had a baptism on sunday. He's nigerian. First baptism I've done in English. Weather is a little rainy and warm. Yes. My testimony has grown. Lol! A mission definitely helps kick that into gear.

Sorry to hear about Elder Dunn... I heard about his grandma but not his mom... That's gotta be really hard... At least he got to see both of them... That's rough...

It sounds like you guys have had an interesting week. It's sounds like you had a lot of fun. Makes me really miss home. If Shane really wants a Bou bou, I can get one made for him. It's only 20 bucks for all that. It's not at all expensive. I could get one made even cheaper really. It's just little things that make it a little more expensive.

Well I was hoping that you would've sent the transfer today cause I knew I wouldn't leave, but it's this week that I don't know if I leave so leave it off. I'll let you know next monday.

Ya I've only got seven months left! That's just crazy. Guillory is down to four... Nuts.

You did not tell me you got a fish tank. That's been years. I remember in the old Edgewood house I'd scoop the fish out of the tank and take baths with them. It always baffled me that they died in my bath water but not in the tank water...

Okay so a little about the week. I was SUPER depressed that Ghana beat the USA. I've become a devoted soccer fan... Ya... I love playing too. Wish I would've kept going when I was young and went pro... Oh well. BUT the reason it sucks that Ghana won is EVERYONE in Togo supports Ghana, so My country, my team, and I were insulted for one week and was even worse after we lost. soo what the togolese like to say is "we beat you, we beat you!" So I ask "who beat us?" and they say Ghana. Oh okay. then I ask "and where's Togo's team?" LOL! Togo didn't even qualify for the World cup. Makes it easier to bear the constant insults anyways. Lol!

So I didn't know this but Elder N'Dri doesn't like when Elder Kablan screams either, so what did he do? Elder N'Dri made a beating stick so every time he screams, he beats him with the stick. It's really REALLY amusing.

Have I told you that people just pee in the middle of the road, even the women? They'll squat down and just do their thing right there. It's just lovely.

This is a funny story. We were at a member's house and there was this little kid that kept wanting to hit me, so I took the arm of a kid (maybe twelve years old) and I pretended to eat his arm. After I did that I looked up and I pointed at the little kid, and he turns around and takes off at full speed and starts screaming and crying. He roudns the corner and I hear his mom ask him what's wrong. Then EVERYONE starts busting laughing. She then brought her kid around the corner and kept saying "White men eat little naughty black kids." That child may be scarred for the rest of his life... Lol!

Well I believe that's it for the week. Just hanging in there for a transfer. It's been 6 in a half months in the same place... We'll see how things go. Love you all!

Elder Halvorsen

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