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Sunday, July 19, 2009

The price of fruit, and other random things

Power converter is great. It gets a little warm if it's left in the outlet for too long, but not like burning hot... Just warm. Yeah I use it a lot, to charge my batteries (batteries are expensive here) and my razor. It's been a life saver.

I am SO glad I don't have a hat. I gave away those two baseball caps I brought. It's suicide to your head if you wear a hat. It's better to just get used to the sun. I have no clue what the stomach thing was. I think it was the honey that I bought.. Eh oh well. No I'm good on garlic till the end of my mission. I'm taking precautions no worries. I'm going to send my card home with the Blacks. My memory card. And maybe some presents, but shipping isn't that bad.

YAH!!! THESE PEOPLE CARRY WINDOW PANES AND HUGE TV'S!!! These people are crazy. I see that everyday. Elder Ghisquiere. He's my little Frenchie. LOL! A journey of Faith is about the BOM. It's an amazing documentary. I've never seen anything like it... I WANT TO SEE THE SIXTH HARRY POTTER!!! I DIDN'T EVEN SEE PREVIEWS!!! Dang it.. Just another year and six months right... You need to buy all the good movies so I can just watch all the ones I missed. lol. Dang...

Sounds like a lot is happening with life over there. I hope Chandler picks up the Car Spirit also. That'd be cool to see. ANOTHER HALVORSEN CAR MAN!! Lt's just start a garage. Halvorsen's African Auto.Lol LOL!!! I'm glad people talk so highly of me over there! About the hiking all the music and all that! But really, it's only 10 to 15 miles on flat ground. You guys hiked mountains! That sounds fun. The mosquitos here probably don't suck as bad as the ones there too... I laughed SO hard about the Subaru. I thought you were going to sell that... Well I wish I was there to experience all of that. It sounds like it was a lot of fun, the hike.

Here's what's new in Bénin.

So I met my first cult. That was an interesting experience... He was saying how Jesus teaches them and that they meet in his house... He only had one scripture to defend himself and it didn't even work for the situation... lol. Just bizarre. Greg Allen says he wants ALL my emails. did I tell you that holding hands for people of the same sex here is not weird? It's weird when you're walking down the road and your companion tries to hold your hand... So we had a rough spot with our companionship, but I just told him what was bugging me and he said he would change and he did... He's a great companion. We work well and efficiently together.

Can you tell me the set up of a Mancala board? I think there's six holes for each player, so twelve in the middle, and then the big oval holes on the ends. And how many rocks for each hole. Thanks.

There was this guy at a baptisimal service we had that was like waving his hand around and pointing at the conductor when we were singing. I was laughing pretty hard, but apparently he knows all the scriptures by heart, and he's not a member yet... That was a slap to my ego and how judging before you understand can make you feel like a complete fool. I felt like a total jerk.

Another guy basically yells when he sings, and we had to tell him to sing quieter. The day my companion and I made up was crazy good. We had one guy that, as soon as we showed up at his house, he said, I've read the BOM and I want to be baptised... that was amazing. THen after that, we visited one investigator we had just found to remind him of church, but he wasn't there, but his mom; dad; and sister were and said, yeah, he talked to us about( it and we all want to come... Lol! and THEN! a family emailed us and said they wanted us to come by and teach them. Good GOOD day.

I gave another talk. I guess I'll be giving a lot cause our branch is small and there's only ten missionaries here. Have I talked about the Alleuhia preachers? They are interesting. It's just like the people we imitate in the US for fun. and it's everyone... And it's crazy... They'll all be running around while music is playing. I've seen people yelling at each other when music was playing.. I've even seen one guy who was just yelling at the door.... It was weird...

I'm having this awesome painting made for me! The guy is in the ward. They look so cool! Elder Guillory is now in our apartment. He's the new companion of Elder Ghisquiere. He's from New Mexico. We instantly clicked. It's good, but bad at the same time. We try to speak to French but switch back to English a lot... Eh... C'est comme ça.

What did you find out about the music Ivorian, Togolese, and Beninoir? That's Austin's job, if he's willing to take it up. I'd really appreciate it. The mood in our apartment is great. The weeks are really starting to fly and I'm almost six months out. Just a couple more days. That's so weird but saddening at the same time. I want it to pass, but I don't... It's an interesting feeling and dilemna.

Shipping is about 16000 Francs per Kg. So I think I'll be able to ship something ome for all of you for Christmas. AND I NEED YOUR MEASUREMENTS MOM! Elder Black took us shopping today at this place that looked like Wal mart. That was good. It's funny, cause we were like everything is so expensive, but if you convert it, it's actually WAY ceaper then America. Like we buy fresh pineapples off the street for 5 for a dollar. They're good siz too. and forty oranges is 6 dollars. I bought ties for a dollar a piece too. NICE ones.

Well I've gotta go. Wrote a lot about random stuff.

Well I love you all and miss you a lot!!!

Elder Halvorsen

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