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Monday, March 8, 2010

Grandpa Tracy passed away

Well I took the news of Grandpa pretty well from Elder Leavitt the first time but it just didn't seem real. I cried just a little but now I'm in the internet café and bawling. Lol! Stupid tears. But Elder Leavitt told me something that really helped me. He said that "It's times like now that you find out if you really believe in what you teach." and for some reason that made it much easier to bear cause I DO believe in what I teach. The only thing I regret is that I didn't get to know Grandpa as well as I feel that I should have. I wanted him to be there when I got home too just so I could see him one last time. But I guess we do have the eternities after right? : ) I was really worried about Mom too and hope you're doing well. I remember how Dad was like when Grandma Halvorsen died and how Mom was when Grandma Tracy died and I wanted to be there so bad. I'm glad that you are doing alright. : )

I say hi to all my cousins too. Man I miss Hayleigh. We definitely will take more pictures. : )

Health is good. We got Ghisquiere and Elder N'Dri (not my old companion) here in Togo. I don't know if I'll be moved soon. I really miss the other guys; Cloward, Legere and Forman. I hope I'll be able to go and see them soon. I've been kind of alone without them. I've had so many different experiences. It's just too weird to think about.

Elections have gone pretty well and there wasn't much trouble. The day of elections, the thursday, was actually the best day here in Togo. No motorcycles on the road, no people, everything was closed. It was just peaceful.

The motorcycle sounds cool. I've been dreaming of a bike for a long time now. It's hard to get off my mind. I found a Bandit here too and took a picture. lol! I wish I could do that with you, but I know that we'll have the chance.

Today we played a little soccer and I got a little burned. The sun is kicking my butt here. I keep getting new stocks of sun lotion from American mish's so I'm well stocked.

I had a couple of interesting things happen this week.

Here goes, We were on our way to Tokoin to do a couple of baptismal interviews and we got a taxi to go over there. Our driver was a ONE EYED guy. I was kinda nervous but we got in. So we were right in front of our destination and what do you know, the guy looks at me to ask where to turn, and BOOM the car jumps up cause he NAILED the sharp edge of a curb. The tire exploded and he was ticked. We didn't know what to do so we paid him and he just drove off like that...

I had a guy paint for me the facsimilies in the back of the Pearl of Great Price. They're pretty cool. Also I need the Black's email. I want to ask him a question. Also the site for the Family blog and the site for my mission blog. You said I had one right?

So this is the real good story. So we've stopped using toilet paper to save a little money cause I learned how to use the budai in our bathroom. So I went to go use the bathroom and I started closing the door, but it got stuck on Elder Kakou's sandal. That happens a lot, so I put one hand on the door and one hand on the sink to balance myself and kick out the sandal. So I kick out the sandal and all of a sudden my right hand drops. I thought it slid into the sink bowl. NOPE. The sink went CRASHING to the floor and exploded into a hundred pieces. That's not all. When it was falling to the ground the water line cut and brake so it started jetting out water from the wall. So all this happens in a matter of seconds and I don't know what the heck to go.

I called our guardian and Elder's Dea and Kakou searched frantically to find the water shut off valve. they found the valve for the house and shut it off. So we have no water and shards of sink in a flooded bathroom. We just called people and waited. In the meantime my body reminded me I needed to use the bathroom. So I went in the other bathroom and sat down, did my thing and then remembered that we didn't have water OR toilet paper. So I'm just thinking it's all over and that's when I remembered my Ice cold drinking water in it's bottle in the fridge. Next thing I open the door and start yelling for Dea to bring me the water bottle. He handed it to me and asked me why I was going to drink water on the toilet. I explained it to him afterwards. Lol!

So the Leavitt's came and I told Sister Leavitt my story and she said "It sounds like you had Frozen ASSets! It was an interesting day. Well I love you all very much and I'm so thankful for all that you have done for me.

Elder Halvorsen

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  1. Kalleen-First off I want to say how sorry I am for the loss of your father! That really tugged at my heart. It hits close to home because I am just hoping my dad will still be around when my Cameron gets home.
    But then that last story had me laughing outloud!! It was hilarious! I sure hope our two Camerons will get to serve with or near each other sometime, too. Again, you are in my prayers for your loss...