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Monday, March 15, 2010

Mouse droppings anyone?

That Butt paste thing was funny. I could only imagine the guys face. Lol! For the money transfer, I found a new way to hide my money that is invincible. I'll try the money thing with the ATM but the transfers will be in two or three weeks. I needed to buy rechargable batteries cause they died three weeks ago and my razor died too just two days ago, so I just bought them today with my mission money, but I gotta put my own money back in that now, and also I need to buy a pair of shoes. I have the Fusion razors too so I'm good. Mine are done. I have one pair only, the hush puppies, and they're toast.

Well just a couple things quicky, we're going to go eat cat. I need the email for the Black's. I would like to ask him a couple of questions. The blog thing doesn't work that well ;I haven't tried mine, but for the family that doesn't work very well. I need six pairs of socks also. All mine are fried. I can't believe that Jon will be home in just five weeks. that's just too weird...

I'm going to give the Jesus the Christ to a member here. I already read it. I'm trying to get rid of as much weight as possible. I'm also going to give the French Book of Mormon to an investigator. I read the entire Missionary reference library. There's some really good stuff in there. It's True to the Faith, Our Search for Happiness, Jesus theChrist and also Our Heritage.

Here's just a little story.

So We've had a little mouse problem lately. BIG mice too. I went into the kitchen at 3 in the morning and found a good size one trying to squeeze under the door. So anyway, It was our turn to cook. I cut up the stuff really quick and made a sauce, then Kakou cooked the noodles. So They served themselves. I went to go serve myself. I looked into the pot and I saw this little speck on one noodle and I was like weird... So I put the little round thing in my hand and squished it. Mouse Terd. So I told Kakou, I'm not eating. He said why? And I showed him the mouse poop in the noodles. He said. Gross! .... Oh well, and he ate MORE. It was disgusting. Well sorry I gotta get going.

We might get on the internet again a little later. I had a ton of problems with the computers here... Seems a typical thing here... Oh well. Nothing too crazy this week. Love you all!

Glad you got home safely!

Elder Halvorsen

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