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Friday, July 16, 2010

"Toll bridge" and more pictures!!

Ya I'm still doing what I gotta do here, even if it's been a long time in the same place... Ya go ahead and send the transfer. ya 150 is perfect. I loved the story with Blake. Josh is bald? That sucks. Lol! I'm glad I'm not. Really REALLY glad. I liked the story with Blake! Lol! I remember Sr. Evelyn! She was super nice and really funny! If I remember right... I've been forgetting a lot of things lately... I think it's the sun... We played soccer again today. I'm starting to get better. Really I wish I would've stuck with soccer as a kid... That drives me nuts now... I want to play soccer like a pro! Pretty sure it's almost impossible now but heck. Who knows? Lol!

YELLOW SUBURBAN! Sans échec. [according to google translate it means SAFE. I'm guessing it's a slang term] She's still there. Lol! That's hilarious. Ya the trip feels like it was forever ago.. I think I was 19 but that's almost two years ago and I don't know if it's true... time is weird. I don't like it. I think that's why God doesn't use it. Lol!

Loved the story about Brandon. It's weird that he's been home forever now. Did Kameron already go? I don't remember...
Well this week wasn't too exciting. Went by really quick. OH! It WAS kind of exciting!

We went to Baguida! Baguida is a part of our sector that is SUPER far! We took a taxi for... Uh??? 350 francs? That's... 10-25 minutes in the car... I think... I don't know time, I only know price. But it's far. So We get out there and the member we were going to visit sends us a guide. We start walking down this big side road until we round the corner. What do I see? A little bridge walkway that is just three planks built for half a mile to a mile over solid water... WHAT?! There were people walking their motorcylces on the bridge and everything. And you have to PAY to cross. You pay both ways! Man. It was nuts. The water was in the house, HUNDREDS of houses were abandonned. It was everywhere. The member told us that the people with cars can't leave. It's flooded on every side for 2 months. And if by chance you got out with your car fast enough before the rain started, you have to now garage your car by the road, cross the bridge, then when you want to go back out, cross the bridge and pay for the garage parking. It's ridiculous...
That was really the most exciting thing of the week... A family FINALLY decided to be baptised! That was seriously a struggle for MONTHS! We baptised their daughter (24 and doesn't live with them) and we have a baptismal date with their son and FINALLY they changed and want to be baptised too. Wow... This lady is seriuosly stubborn. We talked about the Plan of Slavation 3 times and she STILL had questions last sunday. We have spent HOURS at her house talking about baptism too. Wow. There are at least 10 members we've taken over there too... FINALLY! So happy!
That's about it. I don't really remember the rest of the week... It went by pretty quick. We had a fun birthday party for a Nigerian boy named James at the church on Friday. We're going to celebrate the half italian girl we baptised her birthday tomorrow. Her name is Francesca. We bought a cake for her (Kakou, N'Dri Kablan et moi) and we had to make a box just to buy the cake cause I forgot we were going to buy a cake and I bought a big bag of chocolate cereal (cause the after market cornflakes I bought were HORRIBLE!) It's been a LONG time since I've had cereal, in fact since Côte D4Ivoire, the couple gave us some, so I wanted to give it a shot again.

I love you all and miss you a lot!!!!!!

Elder Halvorsen

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