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Monday, July 26, 2010

Super-baptism day and an unwanted "house" guest

I just took the information for the transfer today but I'm sure that It'll go fine. OH MAN!!! Dad's response to the bones made me laugh HARDER than I've EVER laughed from an email on my mission! Belly laugh and tears and everything. My companion scooted away from me! LOL! Cushy mission eh? I'll send a nice picture to you guys... Hehehe!


I WAS transfered. Cruz and Kakou went to Benin. Ghisquiere, Dea and N'Dri are going to Côte D'Ivoire this friday. I'm going to Bé Kpota. I'm district leader again and I'm with Elder Bobi who is also hooked on Yu-Gi-Oh cards... Joy... We baptised 6 people. A woman and her son, A girl we've taught forever (finally got permission from her parents) and the family I've been teaching FOREVER! THAT WAS SO GREAT!

Oh ya. And about the transfer. I bore my testimony. I'm so weak... I get up in front of the branch that I've served in for 7 months... I had it all planned out. What do I do? I get up in front of everyone and see the faces of the people I've baptised, my friends, my brothers and sisters and my mothers and fathers. I ball. I didn't even talk for a minute and a half. I just stood there crying. It's hard to write this even... And then N'Dri walked up and put his arm around me and I was able to talk. Man... It's like my home now... I cried so hard and everyone started crying... It was hard... I'M NOT EVEN GOING FAR AWAY! Lol! We took so many pictures after church. almost 200. I have to erase a lot. We told them to take lots cause normally Africans take bad pictures. Lol! so I gotta pick and choose. I've wanted this transfer for so long and now I don't want it... I wanna stay... Lol! I'm ridiculous...

Okay. So Grandpa sends me letters of stuff he's doing. It's not really addressed to me though. He's a crazy guy. He works so hard and so well. ALMOST 90! He's a prophet! : ) I love reading his emails. I'm gonna try and respond to his letter real quick today.

are the olympics going on right now? Just a question.

So the rat that you'll see is one we found in the house and killed. We made a tomb for him and everything. He was a biggin. Then there's a group baptism that we did. We baptised The woman Irène and her son Assiba in that group. Then sunday morning we baptised Fifi and the Gnawui family except one son. He was sick the day of the interviews so he'll be baptised this saturday I think. I'm going to be there for his baptism. It made me so happy to see that family baptised. They were so happy and wouldn't stop expressing their love for the work and time we spent with them. They're so happy to have the chance to be sealed together as a family in a year. We baptised their daughter in March so she Veronique is super happy too! Gotta love the work, even if it tears you apart sometimes...

A really weird thing... You know, I haven't really missed home that much. Not that I don't love it. I talk about it all the time and I reminisce (that's spelled wrong) about life back home but I've never really been home sick. Till saturday night. We were at the branch at 9pm filling up the baptismal font and I laid down on the tile and looked up at the stars and the moon and I just wanted to cry. I don't know what was up. I was so confused. I haven't had any super strong feeling like that before... But I'm so glad to be here too and it's hard to leave here. What do I do? : ) Just rhetorical. I know what I have to do. I'm so happy to see the blessings of my patriarchal blessing coming true.

Well I think that that'll do for the week. I don't think I've forgotten anything. I love you all so very much and I miss you so much too! I'm going to burn a tie and that's about it for my year and six months... I'm not a super cool missionary. You're SUPPOSED to burn pants but I've been stitching up my pants trying to make them last. Butt rips, pocket rips, and all that great stuff. I don't want to burn them. Lol!

Elder Halvorsen

P.S. Yes Mom. I knew that. : ) [I asked him if he knew that I loved him VERY much :)]

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