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Monday, August 23, 2010

Some brotherly advice

Companions - Elder BoBi and Elder Halvorsen

Making Fu-fu??

Well Dad is still buying cars left and right. Lol! I wanna drive them...

The cyber here is a little slow but there's something I really REALLY want you guys to see and hear. It's how I wake up in the morning! It's so lovely! It's taking a lot of time so I don't know if I'll get any other pictures off to you guys... We'll see.

My companion is great. I jut realized that you guys haven't seen most of my companions... oh well. Only five months left.

That would be cool if Blake and I crossed in the airoport. Tell him that I said I was going to France too and I'm in Africa. There are a ton of French speaking missions, Congo, Tahiti, Côte D'Ivoire, Madagascar, Washington D.C., Quebec.

I'm glad Ruby is still active. I really thought she was gonna die before I got home (knock on wood).
I read about the new Duty to God program in the Liahona. sounds like it'll be more exciting.

Power got cut... Every time I write to you guys it gets cut... Lol.

The singing prayer was an investigator couple. They're thinking about a baptismal date. We just found out that the husband's brother is the district young men leader. He said, "Oh! You found my brother! Well I trust you with him." Ya. Thanks a lot. He didn't even give us his contact info. We found his brother by door to door. He doesn't even help us with the teaching. He just gave us "his support." Gotta love it. The couple is great though. He'll be an amazing leader! The second visit, he asked us "and what if I said I don't believe in God? I'm just giving you guys a scenario to help you practice if this ever comes up." We told him that we've experienced that several times and that we're going to focus on his needs, not others. Lol!
And for the move. I don't really know what you guys should do... I'm not there so it's difficult to really know... So the movie wont load so here's some pictures.

Well this week we just had the conference like I briefly explained in the last letter. It was really good. I just heard about the Leavitt's yesterday. That's really tough...

For stories, I don't really have any this week because of the chaos of the conference and the activity monday with Elder Sitati. The wednesday morning we had a little bit of a P'Day. We didn't have any baptisms this month, which is depressing, but we've got a lot of people coming up for the next month. If all goes well there are 10.

It's been raining a bit this week and in the new sector there is a place called Adakpame which reminds me a lot of Baguida. It's flooded everywhere you look. We had to cross on this little broken down wall edge thing... You'll see it in the picture. I haven't fallen in water for a couple months and I really wanna keep it that way. It's not pleasant.
I did get another pair of shoes though for six bucks that are really light, perfect shape and a brand called Airflex I think. Yep. Just looked like an idiot checking the bottom of my shoe to check the mark...

I just have one more thing to add and it's concerning Austin. I was studying this morning and what I was studying has nothing to do with what I'm going to say, but I felt I needed to say it. Austin, you know how you always wanted to be a roller coaster designer? (don't know the real name for that kind of thing...) I just wanted to say that you should keep trying to do your best to be what you want. I know I said several times "well that's stupid. Who wants to build roller coasters?" but really if that's your dream, go for it. Don't listen to what people say. Heck. If you had a job like that with the level of intelligence that you have, you'd be making millions easy. That's advice for all the boys, but I just felt a need to really tell that to Austin. I know it sounds corny but you can make a dream like that a reality. I know you can.

I love you all and miss you so very much!

At the end of this week is "click day" with five months left! I get my flight info in two months! That's just weird... I wont believe it until I see it. Love you all!

Elder Halvorsen

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