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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Zoramites in Togo

The weather doesn't change. It will ALWAYS be hot. Lol! Don't worry about the sunburns. We'll just hope they find a fast and easy cure for skin cancer in the next five years. Hehehe.

I didn't actually hear about the thing in Ghana, but now that makes sense cause Elder Sitati of the 70 is already here to do our zone conference so maybe he just passed over in Ghana to help fix the problem.

The ideas I could give you for the hometeaching people aren't good ones... Normally if an investigator starts acting like that, we drop him and just stop by to say hi every week or month just to show we still care. We just don't have time to waste.

I love how you said 80 felt pretty good. I've even had to start turning down my fan. I had it on three with my thin sheet cover on but I had to bump it down to two now. Lol! I get too cold at night.

And then the muslims in the morning... HAAAAHHIIUOOJHHAHHHA ALLLAAHHH AKKK BAAAHHH!! That's just wonderful. Loving that again. Elder Bo Bi, my companion, said a little joke. The muslims (we call them Zoromites cause they say the same prayer again and again...) they're fasting it's their Ramadon. They've been screaming louder now on their loudspeakers so my compy said they haven't eaten, so they're hungry and full of air. You'd scream too right? Lol!

Congratulations to the boys! That's so cool! finally!

My new area is great. I like it. I really like Togo. I have such a big family here. I really do wanna come back and be on my own schedule to see people and sites. I'm happy how I am right now though. I think I get the information about the date and all that when I have three months left. We don't really have a lot of baptisms this month... We're working hard to change that. We have a lot of good investigators. It was kinda like we started all over again in the sector though so I knew this month would be hard.
So just a little funny story. We were talking with one couple and we had just started. We asked the husband to choose someone to give the prayer. So he chose his wife and then she started going off. She started singing... We were like Uh.... What do we do? Her husband started to sing with her... I didn't know what in the world to do. Then after the little song about Jesus, she started to pray... It was really weird...
the work is goind good and I'm doing good as well. I can't believe that Blake will going to be serving his mission soon. That's just weird that you guys will have two missionaries out at the same time... That kinda sucks too cause I really wanted to see him before he took off... Oh well. such is life.

So for Christmas, I really don't think that I need anything... Maybe you can just get a couple little things that you think that'll I'll need back home when I get there I can open it like it was Christmas. I think that'll suffice.
Well really that's all I have... oh. For the photos. Wow. The power got cut last night when I was writing this letter. SO HAPPY that it saved a draft. So I'll fill you in on a little today. For the photos, tell me what kind of photos you want.. I have a ton and can't choose.

So Today, "Tuesday" we had our zone conference with Elder Sitati. It was really good. I didn't translate this time so I got to take good notes. I also had a good interview with him.

That's just a little of what hapenned. We just got back from eating and I think we're gonna head home. I love you all very much!

Elder Halvorsen

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