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Monday, August 2, 2010

Transfer and new apartment

Five fast sundays [til he's home!!]... That was weird to hear... That's good that Daniel has been keeping in touch! I forgot to comment on that in the last email... That would be great if he could get a... Thingy at BYU. Don't really wanna search my head for the word. You know what I mean...

I've been in the area for only, really, two days but it's an easy sector. The Branch is really strong. It's not the same branch, it's different people in a different building. It's not as exciting as my last branch... it's like an old person's branch... Lol! I almost fell asleep during the testimonies... It starts at 1:30 too so that's hard for me. I'm used to being home at 12 to 2 and sleeping a little so I was dying... It's incredibly well organized and the members love to work! It's about an... 800 franc taxi ride... Uh... 5 mintue drive maybe 10... I don't know...

Be Kpota is a little district, not a city. I know some members but not too many... We should have good results. For my baptisms, I haven't lost count. I have them all recorded in my Preach My Gospel.

The money transfer was good. Took it out last week.

The apartment is good. REALLY dirty. The Elders have SERIOUSLY neglected it. I've been cleaning like... a crazy cleaner... For a while now. Today is the kitchen. I'm seriously not looking forward to that... It's disgusting. I found multiple fried fish smashed in the cupboards and the drawers haven't been cleaned out in ages... There's just so much stuff in the apartment.. .I've become a clean freak...

There are four missionnaries. I was supposed to be with Elder Forman in the apartment, but that didn't work out cause he was already with Elder Dady one time. So It's Elder Call (american) Elder Dady and Elder Bo Bi (two ivoirians, the second my companion) and me. I'm a district leader for a different District. It's a fun district already.
I loved the story about Blake! LOL! Couldn't live cause of a microwave... LOL!!! I love little things like that. Chandler is almost as tall as Mom? Yikes... That's weird to think about..
Well I left my planner at home... Elder Dady wanted to come straight to cyber so it was a little different from what I'm used to. Here's a little story I wrote to Jessica. It's long so I'm just gonna copy and paste.

I had a crazy lady stop us one day. We thought she was a lady that had contacted the missionaries before. She started talking to us in this high old lady voice and she's like "You're the missionaries!" And we just said Yes, do you know us? And she says "No! but I met some of you at Tokoin. Can I have your names and your address?" I was just like... Ya... I guess... So I said you want the address of the church right? And she said "No, your address in Germany" (Many people think I'm german...) And I said I'm American... And she says "oh. that's better!" So I told her... I forgot my address. And she says don't lie to me!!! And I was just like no really! My parents were planning on moving so it's changing! and she goes "ok... Well that's tough. I'll just take your names and number then. So I take her little notebook and I quickly wrote down Elder Halterman (a missionary that went to Benin) and Elder Kakou (my old companion) and we took off as fast as we could. Then when we were walking home my companion, Elder N'Dri says, you're an idiot! Did you really write our names and number there? And I look at him and say, I wrote Elder Halterman and Elder Kakou. He looks at me horrified and just CRACKS UP laughing! He laughed so hard it was great! We talked and laughed all the way home.
My new companion is good. He's quiet but when we teach he LOVES to talk. I think it's an invorian thing. He's good though. I love the district. It's nice being with another American again. I saw Forman today. He says it's only Legere that's going home in December... Home for christmas. Ca va aller [gonna go]. Since we came to cyber unexpected, I didn't bring my camera or card so sorry, no pics. Maybe next week.
My new sector is right up against the lagoon, but it's not dirty and covered in garbage like my old sector. there's a nice flat walkway and palm trees that give you shade and a breeze that's always strong. I love walking there. The branch works really hard here. I'll actually be working with Zufelt and Niawkey a little in my old sector for the next three days to show them the sector cause they're both new.
That's all there really is for this week. It's been kinda laid back because of the transfers. The members gave us a ton of "eating appointments." I probably gained so much weight this last week... Lol! I like to take pictures of all our eating appointments too so I've got all that. OH! Just like in Koumassi, there's a mosk right outside of our apartment! WOO-HOO! 5 in the morning again! ALLAH AK BAH! That's just a wonderful unwelcome alarm clock. They chant into a LOUD speaker. It made me jump this morning.
I love you all and miss you tons!
Elder Halvorsen

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