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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Bed bugs and touring the city

Well I don't have much time so I'm just going to say a couple of things. Atiéké is the cassava stuff. Had it again today. Lol! I think I've missed one day since I've been here. Getting plenty to eat. Ne t'inquiète pas. [do not worry] I took [Elder] Bowman's place. We have two baptismal dates fixed with a possible 6 total.

Health is fine except for the stupid bed bugs. I bought two sheets cause I left mine in Togo cause I knew I left the second NEW pair in Abidjan but they gave those to another person. So I bought USED sheets (behold the problem.) and now I have bug bites all over. I wash the sheets once a week. THe bites are starting to go down. Mosquitos aren't bad. There are no crocodiles in the streets. Lol! In fact we were just there thirty minutes ago to go see the crocs, but the President of Côte D'Ivoire JUST drove up with a convoy of military so they chased us off. I took some far off pics but they're not great.
Ya the roads are gigantic and the most of them are paved. There are not a TON of bicycles. It's just some people and old muslims that have them. Lol. The two former missionaries that I met are not in my branch, but they're in the same building and live next door, so I see them once or twice a week. Elder N'Dri gave us a ton of food to eat! Love Mangez-vous. (Eating appointment) : )
Members work with us sometimes but not often starting this week because of school... Everyone gets super occupied by that life. So our numbers of lessons with members will drop. They took a hit last week.
So Just so you guys know, the elections for Côte D'Ivoire are coming up the 31 october and they happen at Yamoussoukro. Just for safety precautions I'm going to Abidjan the 25 october until the 8th november or longer if there is a problem at Yakro. But really there is nothing to worry about. It's just for the non-ivorians. I'm going down with the two congo elder's that are here, Mbunga and Muteba as well. I'll see Guillory and Legere! I'm excited for that.
So today was the best P-Day ever. We went to the foundation and the Catholic cathedral. THE THING IS FREAKING HUGE! I don't have time to send you guys a picture but I will send one next week. It was really amazing to get to see all of that. We went as a zone and took a ton of pictures. I'm actually really exhausted cause we walked a lot everywhere... So I'll sleep well tonight, even with bed bugs.
Also wanted to wish HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Chandler! (That feels weird writing that once a week for three weeks now.) I hope all of your guy's birthdays have been great!
Well sorry if I didn't answer all of your questions. I don't have enough time left. Next week I'll have time to send some pics of today's activities.
I love you all and miss you a ton!
Elder Halvorsen

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