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Monday, November 15, 2010

Back in Yakro

Together for the elections

Elders Halvorsen and Legere - they were companions in the MTC

Bus ride back to Yamoussoukra

The Yakro Zone

I really don't think that Forman is going home early Mom... I'm pretty sure it's just Legere. Unless Forman didn't tell me the whole truth.. Maybe he is I have no idea... That'll be cool to see pics of Jerman's mission! I miss the kid a ton... I hope he's gotten home well and already up to speed... (Even if I know he's not... Lol) And Adam's has been home for TWO WHOLE MONTHS now! That's just insane to think about.

The Elections were INCREDIBLY calm. The army put their power in the most dangerous places and there weren't any breakouts! It was great. We stayed in the apartment for four days I think... THat really wasn't that fun and it was super boring, but we threw Cruz's football aroud on the roof, (Blake knows I suck at football and I most definitely threw it off our four story building...) We played a game like Sorry and we had UNO. We did two hour group study sessions every night and had tomato sauce with rice.... EVERY MEAL! It was bombin. lol! We all got along very well and we're all better friends because of it. I got to know Elder Cunnigham and I love that kid to death now. Lol!

Yes I'm in Yamoussoukro again. I MISSED IT SO BAD! When President told me I was going to go back up I literally screamed and jumped for joy. Guess I forgot the horrible bus ride... Lol! That wasn't fun. The "Second tunr" will be the 21st. I think I head back down there to do that... Fun times... I'm all over the place. I don't know if the guy was baptised or not. I tried getting a hold of Cruz but he didn't answer. I'm gonna call again to find out tonight.

Sounds like the Hawks are doing horrible this year... Lol! Guess we'll lose our football team soon too like we did the Sonics... Lol!

That'd be awesome if Blake was in the same class that Kirtley teaches! That sounds super exciting for Blake! Also JESSICA IS GONNA SERVE A MISSION?!?!? Where did that come from? That's really random but at the same time that's really cool that she wants to get out there. I encourage her and wish her the best of luck!

Well this week really wasn't too excting. We found our the elections were posted for the 28th and now they're for the 21st... That kind of ruins our plans of sending me back up here cause I think I'll be sent right back down to Abidjan soon... I'm not too sure how that is gonna work out.

So the "Gathering of Strangers" was fun, when we all went to that apartment. We killed thousands of cockroaches, ate the same thing morning till night, (until our gas ran out of course. and go figure, it was the day we weren't allowed to go out of the apartment... Lol!) We really did have a good time together and all went smoothly. Then President called and said we could go back to Yamoussoukro. That made me REALLY happy. So we took the bus, (five hours again) and got there in the night. Everyone was so happy to see me again and I them! I watched the conference finally and I really enjoyed that. I always like when it comes out in English in the Liahona because in the Translations so much is lost, especially the jokes... There were a ton of good talks that I really appreciated. Many good ones that helped the branch like the Free Agency and the Holy Ghost that was mentioned in many talks.

Then today we've been running around trying to get the Kokrenou missionnaries into their new apartment and sending off a misisonnary to Abidjan and receiving two new ones... It's just been hectic since we got back. But we're starting up the teaching again and getting back into the swing of things. Well I'm sending some pictures again. Three at Abidjan, in front of the church, last pic with Jerman, (take that pic off his camera too cause mine is blurry) and also with Elder Legere. then two on the bus heading up north and then the zone of Yakro after the Conference.

I love you all so very much. I thank you all for all that you do for me! I can't wait to get to talk to you guys REALLY soon!

Elder Halvorsen

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