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Thursday, November 4, 2010

Lock down and Typhoid recovery

I'm feeling much better. I took the medicine and I've been getting a lot of sleep. I took antibiotics and got these shots in my legs that took care of the disease. That was the treatment I received with the IV. Not much has gone on in the last week. Just did door to door, I slept a lot and I've been drinking a lot of filtered water. I'm not too excited for the once-over thing... But I'll be able to handle it. I didn't break into cold sweats and go into fainting fits when they gave me the shots and the IV. So that's a little improvement.

The apartment is interesting. We have these debates every night that aren't exciting... I try to catch a little "healing sleep" during this time. I'm loving Bertoch and the other American's. It's been forever since I've spoken so much English. Lol! Didn't speak it at all at Yakro... The people in my apartment are The Elder's Bertoch, Cruz, Cunningham, Carver, Leach, Mbunga, Ntumba, Muteba, Koussemou, Rambolosen, and Lamboni. We're all foreigners to the Côte D'Ivoire. It's interesting... six americans, Three congolais, one beninois, one togolese, and one Malagesh. It's a good apartment. We play a lot of Uno and a game that's like sorry. And we talk a lot...

But really that's all that's been going on in the week. I'm going to go back with President to the hospital to get another blood test just to see if my system is clean of the Fever. Know that president is taking really good care of me so you don't have to worry about my health. President is doing his best. He's definitely improved from when I first came into the mission. He's almost done with his mission actually. He'll finish in June. The new president will be announced in February.

That's about it for this week. It rained a lot, I slept a lot, I talked a lot with the Americans and played a lot of UNO and that's about it. The pre-régroupement isn't that exciting... I'm actually counting the days till I can go back to Yakro and do normal missionary work again...

ACTUALLY this is really cool. Bertoch and I started doing Door to door when we first came into the sector and our first door we knocked on was GOLDEN! We've taught him two times, he's accepted the BOM and he's come to church AND getting baptised this saturday if there aren't any problems with the elections! That's a great experience Bertoch and I will have shared together during this gathering thing. And Sunday was weird cause we had like Thirty six missionaries at church... I got to talk a lot to Guillory. He's going home this Thursday and So is Jerman. Then Elder Legere is going home the 17th of December... Then it's us. I haven't got my flight plans yet but i'll let you guys know when I do.

I love you all and miss you a lot!

Elder Halvorsen

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