(French for: "This is Africa") A common term used by the missionaries when they want to express "thats just the way it is because "THIS IS AFRICA"! ie..."the power went out..AGAIN... C'est Afrique...or sometimes denoted as TIA...This Is Africa!!)) Elder Halvorsen has been serving a full time mission since January of 2009 in the Ivory Coast, Abidjan West Africa Mission. This mission encompasses the countries of Benin, Togo and Ivory Coast. He loves it there and is enjoying his experiences serving the Lord and the people of West Africa!!

Monday, December 20, 2010


Yep it doesn't feel like Christmas at all but that's not really a big
deal. I'm not mad about the package. I figured it wouldn't be a good
idea to send a package this time around. Everything got stolen out of
the package of Elder Cannon... They left the stuff they didn't want
like the socks and the rubiks cubes. Lol

Ayekoue might be coming in a couple of weeks. We'll see how the
situation goes. I'm sure I'll see him AT LEAST one more time before
the end. Health is fine. I got a sore throat but that's it. I'm up to
date on most everything from the Côte D'ivoire Weather is SUPER HOT!
It's trying to kill me right before the end. I don't know how many
members.... Active, maybe 300... not too many... We had a little
activity. The primary did a little christmas thing. We have an
activity the 24th at the branch. Elder Carver and I planned something
pretty funny. I'll send you pictures.

Well this week not too much happened. The Gubler's just flew in to
Benin. We might have the Sultan's here soon too. We've found a couple
good investigators. We're going to see how they start to progress.
We've been doing a lot of door to door cause we just kinda got dropped
into the sector because of the situation... Not bad but it's just for
a little time. REally I think my letters are going to just stay short
for now. We're just having a good time together with four americans,
and doing the work. So I think I'll just wait till I'm home... Here's
a pic! I love you guys! I'll see ya soon!

Elder Halvorsen

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